Our backlit photo frames take the concept of high-impact, large format graphics to the next level. These frames maximize your graphic presentation while minimizing the visual appearance of aluminum by using silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG). With SEG, your graphics are perfect every time – there’s no guesswork since the silicone fits into the pre-existing aluminum channel.

With the ability to create extremely large format graphics for the frames, you can create frames that sit on the ground using support feet. Using this option, you have the ability to move the wall with ease, if and whenever you would want to. These floor standing frames allow for monitor mounts to be added so you could have an LED screen running additional messaging, more cool photos, or video to tell the story of the photo. Ask about shelving, literature holders, and tablet attachment options.image

The aluminum frame can be cut to any size, and the fabric graphics are vibrant, durable, and cost-effective. Change your graphics whenever the seasons change or to promote an event. It’s super easy! Just pull the current graphic out of the tracks in the frame, lay the new graphic across the frame, and push the silicon edge of the new graphic into the tracks.

Contact us today and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions for any interior space. Our team of designers can bring your vision to life. We can create frames in many different shapes so don’t feel limited to just a rectangular frame. Curves are cool, too!

Don’t have the perfect photo to use for your Backlit Pic? We can help with photography or assist with licensing a photo for use from an image file you found on the web.

Backlit Pics offers complete on-site installation services by our professional, experienced, install team. You can also save on labor costs by opting for an easy self-installation with the mounting brackets that are supplied. Find out more on our Art Installation page.

All of our art frames are also available as NON-backlit at a more economical price. They’re still large format, just no LED back lighting.

Sure, Backlit Pics are awesome at home and in the garage, but we all have to go to the office at some point. Check out how our Backlit Pics can be used in any business space, as well. Our backlit frames can also make a spectacular addition to any office! They can be used in reception areas and lobbies, conference rooms, or any office or facility area where you want to direct attention to your branding, show off a corporate sponsorship, or to just provide a beautiful piece of artwork.