Now that you know you have to have a gorgeous Backlit Pic of your own, you’re probably a bit curious to know about how it all comes together.


We offer complete, on-site installation services for all items that we sell. We can send an installer or team, based on project size, to any location across America to install your Backlit Pic. This includes garage installs, office installs, or residential installations. Our team will work with you to be sure you understand the electrical requirements, if you’ve selected a backlit LED option.


Ask us to include installation in your quote, if you’d like our experts to take care of it for you.


Our premium line of LED Lightboxes are easy to assemble yourself and are tool-free. Some extra large units requiring supports do require minimal use of tools for the support itself. The aluminum extrusion frames assemble with transparent knobs, using both slide and corner connectors. These connections provide for the least possible light leakage. You simply assemble the frame and lights, mount the frame, connect the lights to your electric power source, and then slide the fabric silicon-edge graphic into the frame edges. We do offer an economy line of LED backlit frames, as well. These frames also look stunning but may require tools and more time for installation.


Wall preparation & electrical wiring.


Frame assembly and graphic fitting.


Lighting install and power connection.


Frame setting and SEG graphic install.